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Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels 

Thursday November 24th, 2016

Thanksgiving Night!



Goodfellas Phone Number: 570-622-2050 











Schuylkill County's
#1 Dance Nite Club


 New video of Bret Michaels at Goodfellas Cafe!!!!!







voted schuylkill countys  #1 night club

(schuylkill Living Mag.)

Northeast PA Venue for National Recording Artists
Area's #1 Hip Hop Dance Party/Friday Nites
Hip Hop/Top 40 Dance Club Music
Neon Laser Light Sho


     Note:  Parents, you are allowed to bring your under 21 children to an all age show as long as you are responsible for them.  Kids, if you would like to see an all age show, you must have a parent with you.    All Ages Shows are 14 and up -14 to 17 yrs. of age  must be accompanied by an adult !!  NO EXCEPTIONS

The reason our shows start and end later is we have many customers that come from all over the Country and we need to allow them a chance to arrive and see the entire show. If you feel it may be too late at night then perhaps take a nap before the show- remember, we are a Nightclub.

Unless otherwise posted all shows are 21 and over

All show information including times, prices and line-ups are subject to change without notice.   Please note that we do not care one way or another whether you videotape a show or take photos, it is up to the individual bands to set their photo policies, some allow it, some don't and there are variations on what is allowed, ask at the door when in doubt.


Fake or Counterfeit I.D.'s are Illegal
Anyone attempting too use one will have it confiscated.
Violations will be immediately reported to the authorities.
You've been advised.
This is a serious offense!!!!
[All I.D. will be verified thru a State On-Line Network]

Metal Detector PLCB regulations require that clubs with large crowds use a metal detector for all patrons prior to admittance. This change was effected shortly after the events of 9/11 and is now in effect at most major Nite clubs. This could also involve a quick visual check of purses. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Stay tuned for the following National Acts :







On Site ATM










Goodfellas Cafe / GoodFellas Stage & Entertainment Complex
1105 S Centre St
Pottsville, PA

Telephone: Bar(570)-622-2050

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